Enterprise Mission
Jing sheng mechanical is committed to the development of green intelligent high-tech manufacturing industry
Jing sheng mechanical and electrical adhere to the nations "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" the development of new concept and "made in China 2025" plan, "new materials, new equipment" as development strategy, the construction of the world's leading semiconductor, pv, and LED and other new materials and intelligent equipment and service integration of green intelligent high-tech manufacturing enterprises, to create a low carbon energy conservation and the sustainable development of ecological environment.
  • Prospect

    Become World Wide Famous with High Technology Products

  • Mission

    Develop Intelligent and Environmental-friendly Manufacturing Industry with High Technology


  • Core Values
    Frankness and Optimism     Loyalty and Dedication
    Strives for Greatness                  All for Partnerships
    Explores and Innovates for Unknow                              Create Mutual Benefit
  • Employee Character Requirement

    Frankness and Optimism

    Frankness is a basic principle as a man, is the courage to face ourselves and others. Optimism is the principle for thinking right, is the power to encourage you to be better.

    Loyalty and Dedication

    Be loyal to the company, be fearless to committing to sacrifice to the company is not only the basic demand for the development of our company but also a inevitable demand of self-achievement of the employees.

  • The Natural of Success

    Strives for Greatness
    Be proud as a fighter, be proud as a front-line staff and be proud for devoting yourself to the team,  
    All for Partnerships
    Respect and trust every client and supplier, make a quick response for each calling. Meet every demand of partners as possible as we can, create more mutual benefit as possible as we can. Celebrating with each other when we are on the top, helping each other when we are knocked to the bottom!


    Explores and Innovates for Unknow
    Extending new field and developing new customer, Insisting on innovating upon product , technology, services and management, make the spiritual of exploration and innovation become the endless power to development of our company.

  • Organization Values
    Create Mutual Benefit 
    We create benefit together with clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders to make a bigger feedback to our society so that we will have a more healthy market environment for our further development.
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jsjd@jsjd.co 0571-82001901 No.218 West Tongjiang Road,Economic Development Zone,Shangyu,Shaoxing,Zhejiang,China
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