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Jingsheng’s subsidiary - jinghuan launched 300kg sapphire crystal
Release time:2017-06-23 Source: ViewNum:4683

A launch conference for 300KG sapphire crystal ( Using Kyropoulos Method) was held by Inner Mongolia Jinghuan Electronic Material Co.,Ltd in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China.


Bunch of the experts from the Union of Chinese Semiconductor Lighting/LED Industry, National Artificial Crystal Standard Commission, Harbin Institute of Technology, China Crystal Technologies Co., Ltd and some government officers from Hohhot City, Saihan District and Jinqiao District attended the conference.


During the conference, Jinghuan announced its latest products - 300KG-level jumbo-sized sapphire crystal. The crystal is well-organized in shape, and transparent with little bubbles. It can be used in 4 Inch ingot for LED industry with a effective length about 3400mm.


It is reported that this 300KG sapphire crystal has the larger size than any other sapphire producer can give out in China, thus, Jinghuan now becomes one of the a few companies all around the world that obtains the technology for producing 300KG sapphire crystal with KY Method.


Moreover, it is a huge jump for China in this particular field, with the help of the innovative companies like jinghuan, the technologies will continue to be improved, and the related cost will continue to be decreased and for the most important points is, our industry field will be more and more green, powerful than ever.

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