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Project of “Development of 8’ Domestic FZ Furnace” Undertook by Jingsheng Has Been Checked and Accepted by Experts
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The project of “Development of 8’ Domestic FZ Furnace” (hereinafter as ‘the project’)undertook by Zhejiang Jingsheng M&E Co., Ltd(hereinafter as ‘the company’) has been checked and accepted smoothly by the state 02 expert group, recently.
The project belongs to the topic of “Domestic equipment development and industrialization of FZ Mono-crystalline Si wafer” under the major national research and development projects of “the manufacture equipment and complete technology process of  extremely large scale integrated circuit” (abbreviated as 02 special topic) undertook by Tianjin Huanou Semiconductor Material and Technology Co., Ltd.


After Site inspection, spot testing, data review, internal checking and site re-examination prior to checking and acceptance and other related works, the expert group make a general comment on the executive of the subject:”The research group has done all the research and development work stipulated in the task contract.  Developed 8’ FZ Furnace. Technical indexes, economic indicators, intellectual property requirements, the talent group and platform construction demands are all satisfies the assessment requirements in the task contract. The checking and acceptance data are completed. The expert group agrees to accept the project.”


Through the executive of the project, We produced the first 8’ FZ mono-crystalline Si ingot with the FZ furnace developed by the company so far, which proved that we have made great breakthrough in the independent development of FZ furnace technology. It’s relative product acquires 26 state patents. The international initial technology includes crystal cutting mechanism inside the furnace, multi-CCD imaging and auxiliary heating technology and others. The products of the project has been industrialized and sold successfully. It wins good social and economic benefits, meanwhile, owns bright advantages of industrialization.


The project breaks the foreign countries’ technical monopoly position in large diameter FZ mono-crystalline Si furnace effectively, narrows the gap with international leading FZ mono-crystalline Si material development technology. The project embodies the company’s powerful R&D strength and helps us to stand firmly in the major industry of crystal growth and intelligent equipment, and better promotes executive of the strategy of “New Material, New Equipment”.

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